Recovering metal waste

In order to recycle the residue left following crushing of metal waste, B.R.MET develops and industrialises innovative processing procedures. The goal is to provide you with high-quality raw materials by recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, etc.


The material collected is rigorously sorted and prepared in order to respond to your needs. Thanks to our local setting, you can contact us for any special request (non-standard equipment, equipment with unique features, etc.) and we will help you or direct you to an appropriate partner.

Copper granules

Thanks to our team, which specialises in crushing cables and copper waste, we are able to produce A1 copper granules and any other type of copper granules. Our facilities and expertise allow us to work flexibly to provide you with a bespoke service.

Plastic granules

Thanks to our research and development advances concerning the processing of plastics, we can obtain crushed plastic with less than 1% metal residue.

Would you like to learn more about recovering metal waste and reselling raw materials ?