Why recycle ferrous waste ?

Recycling metal waste allows materials to be introduced back into a continuous production cycle. Indeed, metals are endlessly recyclable and do not lose their physical and chemical properties. Therefore, products can be created from recycled metals.

Recycling metals has a significant impact on the environment. It reduces the volume of waste produced, but also preserves natural resources:  It is no longer necessary to extract new materials.

By recycling metal waste in our cities, we effectively create an urban mine and a circular economy.

What is ferrous waste ?

Ferrous metals refer to any metals consisting of iron, cast iron or steel.

What happens to your ferrous waste ?

B.R.MET collects, sorts and prepares metals before sending them to the foundry to be processed and used to manufacture new products.

We are fortunate in having state-of-the-art foundries and factories close at hand in Belgium and Europe. By working with these factories and foundries, B.R.MET is a real contributor to the circular economy.  These metals will be reworked into new products. This recycling process uses significantly less energy than producing products from extracted natural resources.

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