Constantly innovating to optimise the waste-recycling process

We offer the solution for processing and recycling your electrical, electronic and computer waste, recycling your metal waste, processing your cables and dismantling and deconstructing installations of any kind. We aim to use materials in an optimal manner. We (re)market products that come from our processing centre.

« We are committed, alongside our partners, to moving the recycling sector forward and making it accessible to everyone on a daily basis. Let’s make a difference together ! » 

Caroline Vandenbossche

Research and development

B.R.MET combines knowledge and family expertise with a search for new technologies and innovations to improve recycling and processing. With an average of 25 million tons of plastic waste in Europe alone each year, it is up to us to find solutions for recycling this waste. We are investing in the search for the best processes to optimise manual and mechanical processing, as well as the recycling of plastics.

The circular economy and urban mining

B.R.MET processes metal, electrical, electronic and computer waste, whether it comes from the Brussels region, Wallonia or Flanders. We sort it and decontaminate it to create homogeneous batches, which we deliver to foundries, refineries or factories. Cables are processed directly at our B.R.MET Processing site. Thanks to our partnership with the non-profit RECUPEL, a large portion of the professional WEEE produced in the Brussels region is processed in Brussels, in accordance with circular economy principles.

Reducing carbon emissions & Sustainable transport

Reducing carbon emissions is at the heart of our strategy for 2023. It is central to our concerns. Check out our carbon report, conducted by Tapioview, here.

Our partnership with Urbike will allow us to use cargo bikes for small collections across the Brussels Capital Region.

Staff with disabilities

Since 2009, B.R.MET has been calling on APAM, a sheltered workshop company (employing a high proportion of disabled workers), to handle a portion of the dismantling work for WEEE. The B.R.MET and APAM teams work together to find the best solutions for dismantling domestic and professional electrical, electronic and computer waste.

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