The different regulations

  • An identity card is required before any payment is made.

  • The merchandise left on our site is only paid via a bank transfer.

  • All price questions and requests are to be made to the main office, via the website, and by email or telephone.

  • All vendor data is stored for a period of at least 7 years following the legislation.

  • No smoking allowed

  • The person who leaves any merchandise and goods onsite must be able to state its origin.

  • Onsite presence of an external individual is only allowed during the delivery and loading of merchandise by this individual. 

  • One must turn off the engine of their vehicle during loading, delivery and weighing of products.

  • Proper clothing is required to deliver on our site: safety shoes, helmet, gloves and a neon jacket.

B.R. Met containers can pick-up materials only from companies that meet the following requirements :

  • The quantity of materials to be picked-up meets a minimum of 10m3.
  • We can provide personnel for the loading of the container.
  • A reception ticket is made after the weighing of the material on our site.
  • The merchandise is paid when invoiced by the client.
  • Please take note : There is no VAT. Please refer the following text on your invoice : « Produits de récupération – TVA non appliquée - Circulaire nr 88 du 15.12.1970 »
  • A treatment certificate is made after invoicing and when asked by the client.

The following information must be given before a pick-up :

  • Name and address of company, VAT number
  • Pick-up address and person of contact
  • Description and pictures of merchandise

For pick-ups of smaller quantities, you can email us at with the following information :

  • Name and address of company

  • VAT number

  • Pick-up address, name and phone number of the contact person

  • Description and pictures of the merchandise

Regional and federal regulations

All applicable regional regulations concerning the recycling sector can be consulted in the Moniteur Belge, as well as on the websites of the entities in the different regions:

  • Bruxelles Environnement (formerly known as IBGE) is the authority for the environment and energy in the Brussels Capital Region. (+ link to the website)
  • OVAM is the authority responsible for soil and waste management in Flanders.
  • OWE is the authority responsible for the environment in Wallonia.