Over the past twenty years, B.R.MET has obtained a variety of certifications, which have enabled it to consolidate its operations and promote the work carried out by all of its teams.

Since 2007, B.R.MET has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

A Denuo member

Denuo is the Belgian federation of companies involved in the processing and recycling of waste. B.R.MET has all the necessary approvals and authorisations to carry out its activities across the three regions.

B.R.MET is the first metal-recycling company to have obtained approval to dismantle waste electrical and electronic devices (WEEE) in the Brussels region.  In 2016, the European WEEELABEX certification allowed B.R.MET to ensure the responsible and environmentally friendly processing of electrical, electronic and computer waste for its customers.

End of Waste

B.R.MET is firmly committed to an environmental policy and has consistently developed its recycling practices since it was founded. Indeed, the company’s vision enabled it to obtain the End of Waste producer certification for copper in 2015. This certification confirms that we produce copper with a maximum of 2% impurities, in line with the European legislation and regulations in effect.

Transport and collection of waste in the Brussels region, Wallonia and Flanders

Our company has the necessary certifications to transport and collect metal and computer waste, as well as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), in the Brussels region, Wallonia and Flanders. This means that B.R.MET is capable of managing waste in a responsible manner, and in accordance with the regulations in effect in the three regions.

Transporting waste is subject to local obligations. Our waste management complies with the local regulations in effect, such as BRUDALEX in the Brussels region and VLAREMA in Flanders.


Since March 2016, we have obtained the European WEEELABEX certification for the processing of electrical, electronic and computer waste. This certification is a guarantee of the quality of the company’s work with respect to recycling WEEE for our clients.

Recognition of the company’s commitment to the circular economy

B.R.MET has been involved in the circular economy for a long time, but it was recognised by the Brussels Capital Region in 2021.

Carbon report

B.R.MET is conscious of its impact on the environment, so it decided to draft an annual carbon report and share it.  A reflection on reducing carbon emissions is included in each ‘Research and Development’ file.  Each investment is designed to process waste in an optimal fashion while reducing energy consumption.

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