Treatment and valorization of your metal waste and waste of electrical and electronical equipment

Brussels Recycling Metal treats your ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals

Treatment of your electrical and electronic waste

Primary materials issued from metal waste

Brussels Recycling Metal: metals recycled with the highest quality

Certified specialists in the treatment and valorization of metal waste

As a family business active in the recycling industry for over 15 years, Brussels Recycling Metal offers, principally to industries and communities, a complete and integrated management of equipment, and end of life consumption goods: collection, dismantling, grinding and valorization. Certified with the WEEELABEX label, ISO09001 and ISO14001 labels, and chartist for Recupel since 2009, B.R. Met is the place to go for recycling metals in the region of Brussels !

"You cannot make a difference by doing like the others."

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